I am a hytan priest under Radale (see main page under Resurgam)


Strength: 16 Dexterity: 9 Constitution: 12 Intelligence: 14 Wisdom: 20 Charisma: 17

HP: 19 AC: 19

Fortitude Saves: +3 Reflex Saves: +1 Will Saves: +3

Shortspear (1d8)

Half Plate Armor (+7 AC) Large Steel Shield (+2 AC)


My name is Chimalis (it’s Native American for bluebird), and I am a Hytan cleric for Radale, goddess of adventures, traveling, and comfort.

Traditional Radalian Blessing: _May your achievements be mighty _May your feet be prone to wanderlust _May your life be ever comfortable

So my life story—

I was born in a wooden hut on the outskirts of my village to a craftsman father and a schoolteacher mom. At the age of three, I had an vision in which Radale visited me and gave me an apple. It was the most delicious apple I had ever tasted. From then on, I was motivated to follow Radale in all her magnificent glory. p. At age five, I was ambushed by some rats in the cellar. After one nipped me on the arm, I went crazy and smashed them all under my foot, inspiring me to train myself to be a crazy badass fighter. Deciding to differentiate myself from the rest of the village (maybe from all the other clerics in general), I decided to take up the longspear as my main weapon. From age eight to sixteen, I served in out town’s main temple as apprentice priest, and eventually head priest, succeeding the last priest who left the town to embark on a “holy pilgrimage” to the capital (the rumor is that he had knocked up a few of the young girls in the village). He never came back… I was perfectly happy to spend the rest of my life in the village, despite experiencing the occasional bouts of wanderlust and longing for some thing… more. Well, my life shifted quite abruptly when after performing Rites on the body of a deceased Hytan, Andoman, there was a brutal snowstorm, trapping me and some relatives of the deceased in the building, as well as two Dor’angs. To make it worse, there was a zombie uprising in the undercroft of the temple, though I must say the fight was epic. Andoman was unaffected though, thankfully. Anyway, when we were eventually dug out and the whole town learned there were zombies in the church, the dicks burnt it down. I mean, what the hell? So after rummaging through the ashes and finding some useful stuff, I decided to leave and go adventuring. Only Radale knows where I will end up…I ended up in an adventuring party with a crazy Brinn and a Sleepy Hollow, and we had to go down into a sewer. We fought some rats and went adventuring. Turns out some people in the sewer were killed by a water dragon. Now we’re in an epic battle with dire bats and sharks and shit…


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