Brinn are hardy, subservient creatures who are prevalent everywhere, making them an ideal work force. They are commonly employed as slaves.

Personality: Brinn are extremely subservient and find it hard to deny any request made of it. They get along well with others in this respect. Most have no real opinions of their own and simply emulate the opinions of those around them. However, a Brinn may find it difficult to take a side in an argument and may simply remove themselves from the altercation altogether. Loyalty is important to them and influences many of their decisions.

Physical Description: Brinn are extremely small, no taller than 3 ft at the most when standing upright, weighing anywhere from 40 to 85 lbs. They have hairy bodies, short, skinny limbs and stout bodies, and walk on all fours – but are capable of supporting themselves with their hind legs so they can work with their front arms. Brinn’s faces are dominated by their large eyes. They reach maturity at about 20 years of age, and live for about a century.

Relations: Because of their submissive nature, Brinn are often enslaved by other races. Both the Hytan and the Berza make use of this easily accessible slave labor, but Sleepy Hollows and Dor’angs do not commonly enslave them, though some Dor’angs outside of their village may if they are in need of a work force. Brinn do not resist their state of slavery. They quietly serve their masters without question or quarrel. Brinn accept their role in society as the slave class.

Alignment: Brinn have no tendencies towards any alignment. Some of the few opinionated Brinn may take alignments based on personal experiences, but the general population of enslaved Brinn is neutral due to lack of opinion.

Lands: Brinn have no lands of their own due to their enslavement. They work in many Hytan and Berzan settlements, and are common in those areas. Their ancestral lands were located where the Hytan Theocracy now sprawls.

Religion: The Brinn are for the most part a Gods-fearing race, and thus are devout and often superstitious. Of course, this may change depending on who they serve, but not much. If their master is particularly irreligious they might worship by themselves in private, or even gather in secret groups to hold services.

Language: The Brinn have no language of their own. They speak Common, and often learn the languages of those they serve, usually High Common or Berzan.

Names: Brinn are given names by their parents at birth. This name often emulates the culture that the child is born in, even Brinn who are not enslaved name their children this way. Thus, Brinn usually have Hytan or Berzan names. They generally keep these names for life, though unusually independent Brinn may take a name of their own choosing.

Adventurers: Most Brinn are enslaved and thus do not have the privilege of freely adventuring, and the few free Brinn usually lack the talent and tenacity for the adventuring life. The scant few who choose the adventuring life are rarely successful and are looked upon with either scorn or wonder by the slaveholding populations, who resent or admire their freedom, respectively.

Brinn Racial Traits

Ability Scores: Brinn have no bonuses or penalties for their ability scores.

Small: A Brinn receives a +1 bonus to AC, a +1 bonus on attack rolls, a +4 bonus on hide checks, a -4 penalty on grapple checks, and lifting and carrying limits as those of medium characters.

Speed: A Brinn’s base land speed is 20 ft; however a Brinn’s speed will decrease to 10 ft unless it has at least one hand free.

Last Stand: When a Brinn is reduced to negative hit points, it may or may not choose to go unconscious. If it chooses not to, it gains a +2 strength bonus and suffers no penalties, but is instantly slain at -10 hit points.

A Brinn treats all Craft and Profession skills as class skills.

Skills: Brinn receive a +2 modifier to any Craft or Profession skills.

Brinn receive +4 skill points at first level and +1 skill point per level thereafter.

Due to their submissive nature and hardy disposition, Brinn receive a +2 bonus to all Fort saves, but a -2 to all Will saves.

Automatic Languages: Common, the Brinn have no language of their own.

Favoured Class: Any, a multiclass Brinn’s highest level class does not count when determining whether it suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.


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