Dor’angs (singular Dor’ang, pronounced DORE-ong) are desert-dwelling humanoids. They are known for their great strength, fortitude, resistance to heat, and their great fear of water – which is understandable due to their inability to swim.

Personality: Dor’angs are very suspicious of anyone they don’t already know, and even more so if those in question are of another race. This suspicion is almost never entirely gapped and persists despite all signs of trustworthiness, even among Dor’angs who spend their lives with other races. They are generally judgmental and have a strong sense of what is good and evil. Because they spend most of their lives simply surviving in the harsh desert climate, they see any sort of luxury as unnecessary and look down upon those who possess such things. One exception to this is the use of alcohol. Dor’angs see drinking as a pastime and it is one of the few pleasures they engage in. They favour tenacity, hard work, and a simple lifestyle. They revere their ancestors, and see the proper treatment of the dead with extreme sobriety.

Physical Description: Dor’angs vaguely resemble humans, but they are significantly taller despite their short legs, due to their large torso, usually 6 ½ to 7 ½ ft tall. Males weigh anywhere from 500 to 750 lbs. They have thick, long arms that drag along the ground as they walk. Females are slightly shorter and thinner, but otherwise look almost identical to males. Dor’angs are known for their muscular, round bodies. Their facial features appear squashed, with few prominent features. A Dor’ang’s skin color ranges from a pale off-white to deep brown, while their upper back and arms are covered with rocky protrusions. They are considered adults at age 40 and live for about 400 years.

Relations: Dor’angs do not trust any member of another race. This could be an effect of their long-term isolationism, or because they see members of races other than their own as gluttonous wastrels. They have a healthy amount of respect for Sleepy Hollows, and can develop respect for individuals, but they never truly trust anyone who isn’t of their race.

Alignment: Dor’angs have a rigid society based on inflexible morals. Those who live in a Dor’ang society are generally lawful good. However, those who live outside of the traditional Dor’ang society, who are somewhat common, are so because they don’t fit in or don’t agree with the rigid social structure.

Lands: Dor’angs live in villages situated in or at the edge of the desert. Their dwellings are built inside permanent sand dunes or hills. Those who fit into society generally never leave. Though, despite their isolationism, if a traveler passes through a Dor’ang village, she is usually treated fairly – if with a fair amount of suspicion. Dor’angs in other lands are usually traders or individuals who are seeking something more than what life in a Dor’ang village has to offer them.

Religion: Dor’angs hold no particular opinions on the pantheon. They respect the Gods, but are in no way a religious people. They hold Horus, Anubis, and Osiris in high regard because of their roles involving the dead.

Language: Dor’angs speak Bleeding Tongue, which is the tongue of all “uncivilized” races. It is fairly simple, and many find it hard to express complex ideas while speaking it. This language is shared by other races, such as the tropical anura tribes and the goblin clans. Being a relatively new race to rise to the heights of civilization, the Dor’angs have not had need of any other language.

Names: A Dor’ang’s parents choose a traditional Dor’ang name at birth, subject to approval by the clan chief. Those who leave Dor’ang society often take names of their own based on traditional names of other races.

Adventurers: Adventurers are frowned upon by Dor’ang society. They see them as noncommittal troublemakers, though some Dor’ang choose the adventuring path for just this reason.

Dor’ang Racial Traits

Abilities: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence.

Medium: Dor’angs receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Speed: 20 ft.

Heat Immunity: a Dor’ang suffers no penalties from any effects due to heat, such as heat stroke.

Gift of the Desert: If sand is handy, a Dor’ang may conjure a shield of sand, providing a +4 deflection bonus to AC for a number of rounds equal to its Charisma modifier. This is treated as a spell-like ability. This ability can be used once per day.

Dor’angs receive a +4 dodge bonus to AC when fighting vermin, as a result of their near-constant warring with the Goa’kki.

Dor’angs receive a +2 racial bonus to Fortitude saves.

Dor’angs receive a +2 racial bonus to Survival checks involving desert climates.

Like a Rock: A Dor’ang automatically fails any swim check. When submerged in water, a Dor’ang can only hold its breath for a number of rounds equal to half its Constitution score, rounded down, before it begins to drown.

Water Aversion: Under normal circumstances a Dor’ang will avoid any body of water large enough to drown in, though this does not stop a Dor’ang if it has a reason. However, if a Dor’ang is very near a body of water large enough to drown in (i.e. on a bridge over water, on a boat, on a ledge over deep water, etc.) or in water (i.e. standing waist-deep in a pool or other shallow water) it becomes shaken (no save). If a Dor’ang is submerged in water it becomes panicked (also no save) and will do anything at its disposal to get out of the water.

Automatic Languages: Common, Bleeding Tongue

Favoured Class: Fighter, a multiclass Dor’ang’s Fighter class does not count when determining whether it suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.


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