There are two primary pantheons of the world. The Rex’inants worship the Dragon Gods. The other civilized races worship the Common Pantheon, otherwise known as the Hytan Pantheon, despite the fact that the Chimeneas were the first to develop the religion.

Though the Gods of both pantheons watch carefully over their world, they rarely – if ever – interfere with the events of the world directly.

Hytan Pantheon:

  • Ra – God of the sun, and ruler of the Gods.
  • Horus – God of the afterlife and judgement. The son of Ra.
  • Honhat – God of the earth, power, and physical strength.
  • Delem -God of lust, love, and the theater.
  • Ia’dor – Goddess of destruction and fire.
  • Istalor – God of knowledge, magic, and the arcane.
  • Randra – Goddess of war, vengeance, and justice.
  • Ildnys – Goddess of the sea and those who travel upon it.
  • Belis – Goddess of the hearth, home, and plenty.
  • Nallor – God of the Netherworld, scheming, and suffering.
  • Ar’bani – God of art, creativity, and humility.
  • Imwar – God of alcohol and good cheer.
  • Radale – Goddess of travel, adventurers, and comfort.
  • Mosad – God of craftsmen, labor, and grandeur.
  • Ril’en – Goddess of life, fertility, and crops.

Dragon Gods of the Rex’inants:

  • Brerakpol – Black dragon God of power and fear.
  • Vortinia – Red dragon Goddess of grace and elegance.
  • Peroldyer – Gold dragon God of righteousness and purity.
  • Chreough – Silver dragon God of pleasure.
  • Mordyn – Stone dragon God of craftsmen.
  • Ashund – Green dragon God of retribution.
  • Tonarod – Copper dragon God of pain and sadism.
  • Strait – White dragon God of nihilism.
  • Iaserer – Blue dragon Goddess of love and betrayal.


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