Resurgam was new. It’s races were flourishing and becoming empires in their own right. In year 146 of the First Age, the ruler of the Hytan, Zinniqmandias, had built the Zinniq Empire. During his rule, temples to the Gods and himself were built in abundance, and it seemed like a golden age for the Hytan people.

However, in 1E151, it was clear that Zinniqmandias had overstepped his reach. Without the funds to support it, which had been spent on temples and monuments, the Empire crumbled. Civil war on a massive scale erupted, consuming the entire empire. The Hytan race was plunged into a dark, uncertain future in what was known as The Fracturing.

In a few years’ time, however, various conquering armies set up their own city states on the land they controlled. There was some fighting between them, but even that soon subsided. Peace had once again been attained.

Then, in 1E159, a pair of adventurers from the Grasus Desert came to requisition help from the Hytan city states. The Dor’ang tribes were being overwhelmed by the ever-growing Goa’kki swarms. The rulers of the city states consented, and launched a joint campaign against the Goa’kki insects. The war lasted until 1E167, but the Goa’kki population was diminished enough for the Dor’ang tribes to establish a strong foothold in the Desert.

It is now in the year 198 of the First Age. Peace abounds between nations, though the wilderness is still very dangerous. Many consider this to be a Golden Age to surpass the time of Zinniqmandias’s rule.

This is where our adventure begins.



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