The oldest of all the races, surpassing even the Hollows in legacy, Rex’inants are powerful, vain, and reclusive. They live in relative isolation in the northern mountains, keeping out of the affairs of other races. Once, they were active in wars, and were even stalwart allies of the Chimeneas, but times have changed. They now live only for themselves and the betterment of their race.

Personality: Rex’inants are very self centered. They are aware of their power and use it to intimidate others. They are also very proud and vain, and have a difficult time being in a subservient position.

Physical Description: Rex’inants stand 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet in height and weigh 60 to 115 lbs. They have long, smooth bodies and short limbs. Their skin is soft with a few scaly patches. They will usually stand on their hind legs, but have been known to use all four to move faster. The colouring of their skin is myriad, and many have different designs as well: Spots, stripes, differently shaded underbelly, and so on. Rex’inants mature at about 120 years of age and live to at least 800 years of age. Some are much older than that, even.

Relations: While normally preferring not to deal with the members of other races, they will intervene occasionally, using intimidation to keep them in check. They see themselves as more important than other races.

Alignment: Rex’inants do not favour any alignment. There are many ways to go about selfishness. It depends solely on the individual.

Lands: Rex’inants live in small cities crafted into the sides of the northern mountains. Each clan dominates a particular city, and the clan elders act as the rulers. However, it is common for Rex’inants to leave their clans to seek their own destiny.

Religion: Rex’inants worship their own pantheon (Greek Pantheon). They build large temples to their deities, and religion is a large part of daily life.

Language: Rex’inants speak in a language they call the Lost Voice. It is haunting to hear, and sounds almost melodic. It uses its own runic script. The Lost Voice is spoken by other creatures of long ago as well. The spirits of nature itself even converse with it.

Names: Rex’inants have three names. The first they are given at birth by the clan elders, and they will carry this throughout their life. However, it is not the name they will be known by. When a Rex’inant reaches maturity, it is given a name or title of sorts, like “The Black” or “The Hierophant”. They also bear their clan name, which is important when dealing with other Rex’inants, but they will leave it out when speaking with other races.

Adventurers: Young Rex’inants going off to adventure is extremely common, as it gives rebellious youngsters a way to feel they have control over their lives. However, to find one traveling in an adventuring party is rare, and it’s usually the one calling the shots.

Rex’inant Racial Traits

Ability Scores: +2 Dex, -2 Con

Small: A Rex’inant receives a +1 bonus to AC, a +1 bonus on attack rolls, a +4 bonus on hide checks, a -4 penalty on grapple checks, and lifting and carrying limits are ¾ of those of medium characters.

Speed: 20 ft. However, if the Rex’inant is on all fours, speed increases to 30 ft.

Low-light vision: Rex’inants can see twice as far as normal in conditions of limited light due to superior eyesight.

Dragon Dance: Once per day, a Rex’inant may add a +2 luck bonus to any d20 roll. The intention to do this must be announced before the result is rolled.

Agile Fighting: A Rex’inant is considered to have the weapon finesse feat for any light weapon that it is proficient with.

Rex’inants receive a +2 racial bonus to Intimidate, Tumble, Climb, and Escape Artist checks.

Monarch’s Fury: A Rex’inant may use this ability once per day. For a number of rounds equal to its dexterity modifier, a Rex’inant may make an additional attack each round at its highest base attack bonus -5.

Favoured Class: Dragon Aspect, a multiclass Rex’inant’s Dragon Aspect class does not count when determining whether it suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.


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