The Fracturing

The Fracturing is what the races of Resurgam call the splitting of the Zinniq Empire.

After Zinniqmandias successfully conquered all of the Hytan Empire, he declared himself the emperor, or Silent Cuu, of the Hytan people. However, as effective as he was as a tactician and war leader, he failed as the leader of an empire. He was guilty of hubris, and that was the reason for his ultimate downfall.

After his armies had finished establishing his presence in his new empire, he dismissed them. This in itself caused a number of problems. The former soldiers had no choice but to return to a normal lives. This caused a sudden influx of workers without creating new jobs for them. Unemployment and poverty were common. To add to this, Zinniqmandias had no force to hold over the heads of the old governing officials. He knew this, and so had all members of the former governments executed publicly. This caused unrest among the people. He was sometimes referred to as Ia’dor’s Zinniqmandias among the less-than-loyal. Zinniqmandias then replaced the old governments with his own associates who had helped him climb the political ladder in the past. Though these people had once worked to help him, Zinniqmandias forgot that betrayal is not an action, but a habit.

On top of social unrest, poverty, and planned assassinations, Zinniqmandias went about spending the taxes collected to fund the construction of large temples and monuments to his glory. The sudden drop in unemployment within the empire may have been an unintended consequence of this, though some will credit this to his own plan. Nonetheless, these projects greatly increased the prosperity within the empire. Suddenly, the citizens found themselves in what they thought was a golden age. Unfortunately, it did not last long.

The assassination of Zinniqmandias in 1E151 ended his rule. With no named heir and the large amount of debt incurred by the deceased emperor, the empire’s economy collapsed. The entire empire experienced civil war as the citizens tried to retake the local governments from Zinniqmandias’s appointed rulers. None of the governments could defend successfully against the wrath of the citizenry. When the governments were retaken, some went so far as to continue their conquest, attempting to take other cities as well. Though none of these small invasions were effective, they did provide the new Hytan city states with clear boundaries.

There were other empires involved in the civil war as well. The Chimenean people sat upon their own large empire, though not as large as the Hytan’s. Being close to the Zinniq Empire, the Chimenean Empire was involved somewhat with the war, reclaiming land lost to the Zinniq Empire. Their experienced army easily took back land extending south all the way to the Glass River, which is now the border of their Empire.

The other great empire, the Berzan Oligarchy, which was at that time known as the Berzan Monarchy, had no part in the Hytan civil wars, but many Berzan mercenaries offered their services to the various city states – for the right price.

In 1E156, things had settled down once more.

The Fracturing

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