Zinniqmandias (pronounced ZEE-nee man-DAY-us) was self-proclaimed ruler of the Hytan race. After establishing his Zinniq Empire, he used the collected taxes to build grand monuments of both himself and the Gods. He would claim to be the son of Ra, and many believed him. He gave himself the title of “Silent Cuu”.

The fall of Zinniqmandias’s Empire was caused by a variety of circumstances. Firstly, after he had conquered all the Hytan lands, he dismissed most of his army and kept only a few soldiers to guard the borders. The sudden influx of Hytan back into villages and towns created a shortage of jobs, and unemployment went through the roof. In addition to this, his lack of power over the cities had now diminished without an army to hold over their heads. The eventual breaking up of the Empire would be known as The Fracturing.

Inevitably, Zinniqmandias was assassinated, and the city states battled each other for supremacy, each of the leaders hoping to ascend to the heights that Zinniqmandias had been. Later scholars have found this ironic, and will hold it as proof that the Hytan race never learns from past mistakes.

Even after his death, Zinniqmandias was thought to be immortal. Witnesses claimed that they saw him ascend to the heavens even as his lifeblood spilled on the cold earth. Though most of his temples were converted to serve as temples to other Gods, there are still a few cults dedicated to him. Most will dismiss these cults and those who follow them with “quis ut Deus?” – “Who is like unto God?”


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